KTP Enterprises Ltd. is a private company that specializes in luxury single-family residential homes in Iran; Tehran, and Mazandaran provinces.

We have over 14 years of experience in providing home development and construction services to homeowners and investors.

With our experience, we have earned the approval of Mazandaran Province Mass Housing Builders, Building & Construction Trade Union, (, and Iran’s Construction Engineering System Organization. (Organization of the Civil Engineering System of the country (

Furthermore, all new construction custom home projects come with a 2-5-10 Home warranty insurance. For more information please click the following link: Home Warranty Insurance on New Homes.

Mahyar Valipour Certificate Translate KTP
Mahyar Valipour Certificate KTP


Communication is the foundation of KTP Enterprises Ltd. We understand that clear and transparent communication is vital for success. We build strong relationships based on trust, our unwavering commitment to excellence, and extensive attention to detail.


KTP Enterprises Ltd. is one of the leading private construction companies, well known for our expertise in building single-family houses, and luxurious custom homes at an affordable price. With the expertise of staff & effective work management, we serve our clients with quick and quality project completion.